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DeviantART Group?

Hello fellow SaiKai fans,

I've been pretty much a shadow this whole time but there was something I wanted to confirm before anything else. I realize that DeviantArt doesn't seem to have a group for SaixKairi fans yet they do have one for XemKai(which I happen to like as well). Nevertheless, I don't know how this is possible. :/

So I was planning on making a dA group for them, but I want to know if any of you would be willing join if I do. As I don't want to end up making something for nothing.

If this isn't allowed please delete. And if any of you are willing to help by becoming admins, it would be well obliged. :)

( drabble ) moonlight crucible

Title: Moonlight Crucible
Author:  scenotaphs  
Genre: Dark, suspense.
Word count: 452
Rating: PG-13 
Synopsis: Her grandmamma had warned her of many things; amongst them were the customary cautionary tales told to overcurious children.
Notes: Written for kh_drabble. Beware, blank-verse/poetry format, deliberately ultravioletly-purple prose and fairytale AU.

( The wolf's in your bed. )
Rating:PG-13 R-ish?
Word Count:2,121
Characters:Saix, Kairi
Notes:This was written for crimsoncookie who loves this pairing and the bunny just hopped into my head last night. Not sure if this will be all of it or what else will happen, but I thought I'd write this just the same and post it for your enjoyment. There are spoilers-ish for BBS.

she was so different…Collapse )

Drabble → Dark, Romance

A Dark and Stormy Nightmare
Saïx/Kairi - PG-13 for slight sexual implications - Spoilers for KH2, specifically Sora's second visit to Twilight Town?
Love belongs to desire, and desire is always cruel.

Originally written for le moddess crimsoncookie's birthday! Thought I'd share. ♥

[fic] Lolita (AU)

O hai. Been a long time, but every so often I turn something out. Here's a little ...present? for those who don't mind a little alternate in their universes. Brought to you courtesy a prompt in springkink and a certain person who shall remain nameless. ♥

Title: Lolita
Rating: ...a little difficult. It's -mostly- pg-ish, but there's a bit at the end that's pretty hard R, at least, language-wise. And maybe a little in imagery. So, you know, don't read it at work.
Word count: 1413
Characters: Isa/Kairi
Warnings: Implied future horrors. Naughty language. Non-specific possible underagey-ness.

He knew her by sight --Collapse )

[fic] To a Chamber, Bloody

Title: To a Chamber, Bloody
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1460
Characters: Saix, Kairi
Notes: Only spoilers for KHII. Written for the secret santa project at kh_drabble, so thank you yo_yo_san for the lovely request. <3

Sometimes the key to unlocking a door is to open it from the other side.

( To a Chamber, Bloody )

Waxing Crescent

Title: Waxing Crescent
Rating: G
Word Count: 662
Characters: Tiny!Kairi, Teenage!Isa, mentions of Braig and Lea
Notes: Pre-KH1, maybe even pre BBS, I’m not quite sure. No real spoilers... since the game hasn’t come out yet. Just some foreshadowing.

He waited, like papa waited. Like he could wait all day.Collapse )

Not Really Here

Title: Not Really Here
Spoilers: Post KH2- no real spoilers.
Rating/Warnings: R, explicit smut
Notes: Hormones suck- no matter how good the dreams are. Originally posted as a drabble exchange for de_yaten. Urged to post here by crimsoncookie.

Sora/Riku/Kairi in different combinations and Saïx/Kairi

I can't do this with you standing there.Collapse )

An Arrant Thief [complete]

*waves to community* First time posting, tra la la la.

Title: An Arrant Thief
Rating: NC17 for swears and (light) sex
Word Count: 22,397
Characters: Saix/Kairi, (Sora/Kairi)
Notes: Saix captures Kairi, of course.